About Jonni Pollard

Co-founder and Lead Teacher

Jonni is the co-founder and creator of 1 Giant Mind and its 'Learn to Meditate' program. Studying for over 20 years under some of the greatest masters of our time, Jonni is now an internationally sought after meditation teacher, speaker and mentor. He is renowned for his ability to teach absolutely anyone how to meditate, understand the nature of the mind and access its full potential.

Jonni is an internationally recognized meditation & wisdom teacher who has dedicated his life to sharing ancient knowledge gained from some of the greatest living masters of our time. He specializes in teaching the art of embodying our true nature so to live the most meaningful life possible.

Studying and teaching for over 2 decades, Jonni now travels the world teaching meditation, running workshops and retreats as well as personal and corporate consulting. He also leads mass meditations and speaks at major cultural and lifestyle events around the world.

The foundation of his teachings stems from the timeless Vedic tradition. The core of his teachings focus on self knowledge for self actualization. Over the past 5 years Jonni has spent much of his time mentoring teachers and leaders. Through 1 Giant Mind, he is now dedicating his time to empowering as many teachers and community leaders with training and tools to be the most effective in their roles.